The Beginning

Our company is unique in that it is owner Wayne Brooks’ second venture into the piston manufacturing industry. Wayne has always modified engines and been an avid racer — having raced everything from boats, to motorcycles, and even airplanes.

After owning a successful aerospace manufacturing company for years, he could now take the time to go racing more. At this time, he was very competitive in Grand National boat racing and began to have issues with the pistons he was using. After trying every piston on the market and having a few ideas of his own he still could not find a manufacturer that he thought could meet his needs. It was at that point that he made the decision to purchase JE Pistons, and was very successful at making it the best piston manufacturer in the United States. JE had a great impact on the industry and had grown rapidly to the point to where it was too big for his liking, so after 20+ years as the owner he decided to sell JE.

Wayne's Way

The idea...

After being retired for a few years, Wayne had seen how the piston industry was changing for what he thought was the worse. Wayne decided retirement was not quite what he had in mind, and now had a desire to return back to the piston manufacturing business.

The vision...

He envisioned a smaller company with a new direction, and felt that there was a niche to be filled. After deciding to re-enter the piston business, multiple state of the art, three, four and five axis CNC machines were ordered, tooled up and made ready for production.


RaceTec™ Pistons are designed and engineered by true piston experts–experts who understand the intricate and complex automotive aftermarket industry, and more directly performance engine applications like no other manufacturer does. Our State Of The Art designs utilize knowledge gained throughout our combined years in the automotive racing and piston industries.

We are also the only piston company that is using a state of the art D.T.S. Engine Dyno to help in the development of our designs. Having our in house dyno along with our customers to develop and refine piston design has helped us to deliver a superior product. Considerable design and manufacturing experience and expertise have been implemented to deliver the tolerances expected by the highest level of race engine builders and yet “keeping it user friendly” to accommodate the entry level and Saturday night racer.